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Bug#237534: inst report: lots of partman and LVM issues

On 12.III.2004 at 00:17 Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> (IIRC, I had an ext3 partition, removed it, added a new partition
> with approximately but not necessarily the same size; and then it
> still showed ext3 - but now the original partition would've been
> changed.)

This is true and I don't know how this can be avoided.  Parted detects
that at the beginning of the partition starts some file system but
doesn't check that the file system is longer or shorder than the
size of the partition.

By the way this is the reason of the long swap-space checking.  If we
want to eliminate this check, then we have to force to format swap
spaces always.  I don't know wether this is is going to be a good
change or not.

Anton Zinoviev

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