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reminder: go/no go needed soon for ports

Just a reminder that I do not know of recent successful installation reports
for many of our architectures. Without such a report, or someone telling me
whether an architecture is ready to be released or not, I have to assume that
it is not ready. Currently, I'm only sure about i386 and m68k (mac).

          i386: go! (except for some kernel install problem on netboot?)
          mips: autobuilding. Installs work (except some generic debootstrap
                issue TBD).
          powerpc: autobuilding
          ia64: autobuilding. USB issues
          m68k: autobuild failing (retry queued). Otherwise, go!
          hppa: autobuilding, but broken
          sparc: autobuilding. Kernel install issue.
          s390: partitioner doesn't work

If you have any more information, or pointers to successful installs that I
missed for other arches, let me know. It would be good to at least know if the
beta2 arches were still in releasable state, but we're close to releasing at
least 6 arches.

Someone who is prepared to debug base-installer should take a look at
the i386 netboot issues; several recent installation reports indicate that
base-installer crashes out to the main menu in the middle of its run.
This is suspiciously similar to the sparc problem.

see shy jo

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