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Re: reminder: go/no go needed soon for ports

Joey Hess wrote:
> Just a reminder that I do not know of recent successful installation reports
> for many of our architectures. Without such a report, or someone telling me
> whether an architecture is ready to be released or not, I have to assume that
> it is not ready. Currently, I'm only sure about i386 and m68k (mac).
>           i386: go! (except for some kernel install problem on netboot?)
>           mips: autobuilding. Installs work (except some generic debootstrap
>                 issue TBD).

The TBD is: Waiting for autobuilder to do the current exim4 package.

> If you have any more information, or pointers to successful installs that I
> missed for other arches, let me know.

The somewhat troubled mips installation in #236973 was mostly due to
partman, which also will be fixed when it is run through the autobuilder.


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