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Bug#237295: your installation report

> Too small memory (32M).
> I coped by removing all network modules after autodetection,
> then removing all ide/pci modules, with the exception of piix.o,
> before ide hardware detection.

I think that you missed by one day our new lowmem support with support for 32
mb systems. That should be in the current images.

> Then a swap file and it run OK, till the kernel upload,
> which didn't succed. It said "preparing new kernle choice, or smething
> and then the main window poped up form behind leaving the left
> and right edges of the message window visible.
> The 3rd console said "Packages and Release downloaded, sorting packages",
> or something similar.

A few people have reported this, and this is the most information I've gotten,
but unfortunatly it's not much. Could you please try another install,
and watch the progress bar and tell is at what percent done it is when it 
crashes. Also, on the third console, copy down the last 5 or 10 lines.

see shy jo

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