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Re: RAID1 netinst CD

Quoting Finn-Arne Johansen <faj@bzz.no>:
(mkinitrd problems when installing kernel with d-i + md)
> I guess it has to do something with the way the root partition is
> detected. after the system is installed, mkinitrd has no problem
> detecting that the root partition is on a md-device

Maybe it doesn't work, because the mount point is /target/?

> First of all, to test this I would, as others have pointed out, start
> with setting up raid manually. If you need help, take a look at a
> mini-how that i wrote for skolelinux-servers. It's located at 

With the help of the company admin, I was able to create a
SW-RAID manually.  I have to enable other people to setup similar
boxes, who are not command line heroes.  That's why my hope is
on d-i.

> > Which is bad.  Both RH and SuSE installers can to RAID
> > installs.  So my company admin says.  Hopefully we'll get it
> > with the final version of d-i.
> People who cant set up SWRaid without an automagic installer, should
> not run SWRaid. Because they will not add the extra bits that are needed,
> like monitoring setup and so one, and therefor SWRaid would only
> provide false security.

I have to disagree here.  In a (more or less) big company, you
will always find some people who create a policy ("install with
RAID") and other people, who just have to follow this policy,
even if they do not know about the details.  For them, it must
still be easy to set up the machine.  As long as there are at
least some experts, this is OK, I think.  Even the experts will
prefer an easy to use installer, instead of many(!) manual steps
you have to do, when creating root-on-md without the help of d-i.

> But yes, it will be nice to have the possibility to set up SWRaid out
> of the box.

Yes :-)

Cheers and many thanks for your hints and the howto document!

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