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Re: RAID1 netinst CD

Quoting Erich Waelde <Erich.Waelde@t-online.de>:
>  > On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 10:47:37PM +0000, W. Borgert wrote:
>  > > 1. I'm a RAID/MD newbie: Is there a howto or manual about
>  > >    what every single step I have to take to realise RAID1
>  > >    using the installer?
> If you are new to md/raid, then I would recommend to play with it on an up
> and running system first. Create 2 partitions same size on different disks,
> a few 100 MB are perfectly sufficient. Then install mdadm and read the
> docs. Search on debian-user, maybe. 
> briefly:
> - mark the partitions as 'fd' Linux raid autodetection

That was clear to me already, because of the error message (two
steps later in d-i).  I just went back into fdisk and changed it.

> - create a raid device /dev/md0 with mdadm --create (or /dev/md/0 if you
>   have mounted devfs)

Do I need to edit /etc/raidtab.conf or any other file?
If so, does d-i help there?

> - create a filesystem on that device like mkfs.xfs /dev/md0


> - mount the new fs
> monitor progress with cat /proc/mdstat
> That should get you going. Once you grok that, its much simpler to deal
> with it, while on limited resources.

Yes, thanks for the hint.  Anyway, if the md/raid stuff becomes
part of d-i, there should be a step-by-step intro in the d-i
manual, esp. for people who are new to mdadm and friends.

>  > > 2. I'm missing XFS in the file system list.  Is it really
>  > >    not there or do I have to enable this somehow?
> well, it's not yet in the menu, but it seems that the sw parts are
> available. So try to do it on the shell --- give the configurator something
> to do, however, otherwise it will believe that it has not successfully
> created and mounted file systems.

I will try that, thanks.

>  > > 3. It seems that the installer uses Linux 2.4.  Any chance
>  > >    to use and install 2.6?
> not yet integrated. But not a problem to boot the 2.4.24 kernel and then
> upgrade after base system has been installed properly.

No, not really a problem, but it would be nice to use 2.6 in d-i,
if one is going for 2.6 anyway.  If there are problems with 2.6
they show up immediately, which might be better or not.

Thanks for your help!

One remaining question: Does anybody know whether the md/raid
stuff is/will be included into "official" d-i?  Plans?

Cheers, WB

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