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Bug#231402: installation-reports

fre 2004-02-06 klockan 20.00 skrev Sagi Bashari:
> Then, it brought me to the "Configure and mount partitions" screen and 

Right, this means you used the old mkfs+mount tool called partconf which
is on its way out. Still, weird bug.

> showed an error:
> "No partitions found
> No partitions were found in your system. You may need to partition your 
> hard drives or load additional kernel modules
> <Go Back> <Continue>"...
> However I'm sure the modules&partitions table is OK because cfdisk 
> worked fine, and I could mount it manually using the shell.

It's very odd indeed, what's in your /dev/discs/ directory and in the
/proc/partitions file?


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