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Bug#231402: installation-reports

On 06/02/2004 18:11, Christian Perrier wrote:

Unable to configure and mount partitions:
The hdd is a normal maxtor 120gb IDE hdd. The partitions are pre-partitioned - installing over another distribution. Parition a hard drive (cfdisk) detected all of them and showed them as "Linux ReiserFS", but when going to configure and mount partitions it errors: "No partitions found".

When the screen with "Here are the partitions detected on you
system...." showed up, did you choose one of the, then hit Enter and
were proposed "Action on this partition" with a list of file system
types creation and an option for leaving the FS unchanged ?
I didn't get that screen.

First I selected "Parition a hard drive" - then it showed 2 options, my hdd and Finish. I choosed my hdd and hit Enter, which brought me into cfdisk and showed the partitions table correctly. Since I didn't want to change anything I just quitted cfdisk and selected Finish.

Then, it brought me to the "Configure and mount partitions" screen and showed an error:
"No partitions found
No partitions were found in your system. You may need to partition your hard drives or load additional kernel modules
<Go Back> <Continue>"...

However I'm sure the modules&partitions table is OK because cfdisk worked fine, and I could mount it manually using the shell.


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