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Bug#231402: installation-reports

(hebrew translation needs help....you're welcome to join if interested..:-)))

Quoting Sagi Bashari (sagi@boom.org.il):

> Unable to configure and mount partitions:
> The hdd is a normal maxtor 120gb IDE hdd. The partitions are 
> pre-partitioned - installing over another distribution. Parition a hard 
> drive (cfdisk) detected all of them and showed them as "Linux ReiserFS", 
> but when going to configure and mount partitions it errors: "No 
> partitions found".

When the screen with "Here are the partitions detected on you
system...." showed up, did you choose one of the, then hit Enter and
were proposed "Action on this partition" with a list of file system
types creation and an option for leaving the FS unchanged ?

When choosing "leave unchanged", you should be proposed with a mount
point. Were you ?

I did the same test with existing partitions, but ext2, but everything
was OK as long as I hit "Enter" on one partition and specify the mount

If possible, can you retry and give the exact sequence of actions ?
When referring to menus, please mention the first menu sentence, the
option you choose and your keyboard action.

I think we have some usability bug around here, but nothing more....

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