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Bug#231400: Bug categorized: Re: Bug#231400: INSTALL REPORT: sid_20040205

clone 231400 -1 -2
reassign -1 anna
retitle -1 Anne does not install bterm-unifont
tags -1 d-i
reassign -2 base-config
retitle -2 Shows wrong menus keyboard.tst, mta.tst, pon.tst
tags -2 d-i

Great work of you as the correct display of japanese is for sure your work.

I don't reopen bugs for already known bugs, of course.....so I open
some for things you didn't mention as known bugs (no BTS available to
me currently)

BTW, I still plan to do a full netinst with greek, russian, etc.....

Did you end up with a japanese localeafter the whole installation?

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