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Re: main-menu retreiver selection still broken (Re: install report: sid on i386, pure SCSI)

Here is what's going on. cdrom-detect fails to configure as it cannot
find the drive. The user selects anna from the main menu. Anna depends
on retriever, a virtual package provided by floppy-retriever, and
cdrom-retriever. main-menu needs to configure at least one of these to
continue, and it chooses to configure cdrom-retriever. Which depends on
cdrom-detect. Around and around we go. :-(

If instead the cdrom detect is successful, things work as they are
supposed to: anna is run and displays a list of retrievers.

Note that since none of the retreivers are menu items, main-manu's
satisfy_virtual() does not display a list of them for the user to choose
from. Instead it apparently defaults to the package with the highst
priority, with an arbitrary tie-breaker that currently favours
cdrom-retreiver over floppy-retreiver.

see shy jo

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