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Re: install report: sid on i386, pure SCSI

Herbert Kaminski wrote:
> Well, not only the docs, the floppy images I downloaded from links on 
> the D-I homepage two days ago contain modules for version 2.4.22, 
> whereas 2.4.24 is needed.

The prominant links on the d-i home page are prominantly marked as being
for for beta2 of the debian installer, and will not go with daily builds
of the CD images. The section on daily builds includes links to daily
built floppy images such as mine. You cannot mix these two types of

> >In "Load Installer Components", you pick "Fetch modules from a floppy"
> >from the little menu that appears after the hardware detection.
> Sorry, there is no little menu after hardware detection. I immediately 
> get the screen titled "[!!] Detecting hardware and loading kernel modules"
> that says "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted.This probably...
> ...Try again to mount the CD-ROM?" Selecting "Yes" just repeats this 
> screen, selecting "No" displays the next screen "Failed to find and 
> mount a Debian CD". The only choice "Continue" gets me back into the main 
> menu where I could select "Load installer components" which starts 
> HW detection again. The second time around, I get some more detailed 
> information: modules initio and 8139too are missing (if I understand
> D-I correctly by now, priorty has been changed).

Yes, and right after that you will get the little menu that I alluded

> But then this loops endlessly.

I have no idea what you are describing here.

see shy jo

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