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Re: Testing cdebootstrap and debootstrap

On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 05:04:50PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Several of the packages in the above list are Priority required, and
> I feel they should not be removed from the debian base system while they
> have that priority, as our documentation documents Required packages as
> packages whose removal will make the the system be "totally broken".
> Even if that's not true for all of them, consistency is important.
> This includes procps, varying gccs and mbr.

I'm going to change the behavior for standard and installer bootstraps
to install complete required. Minimal and (build-)chroot installs or not

> I have never seen the point of the mbr package, but whatever. ;-)

Standard i386 mbr which jumps into the first partition, lilo and grub
are able to produce them also

> If you install cron, etc, it will drag in a mta, and approximatly 50% of
> the list of what's left out.. And we've had the discussion about it on
> -devel, during/after DebConf 3, and decided Debian base does currently
> include a mta.

Currently it will be pulled in by dependencies.

> Without gettext-base, base-config will not be properly localised.

Why doesn't it depend against? base-config is optional, gettext-base is

> Without ifupdown, our current nice automated second-stage install of
> debian over the network will not work anymore. That would be bad.
> dhclient is debatable; d-i sometimes knows enough to install it or not,
> but does not in some scenarios and should always install it then.

ifupdown (important) and dhcp(3)-client (optional) should be okay?

> I have not checked the base system for documentation available only as
> info pages, but I suspect there is some, and so we should include a
> reader, as we do for man and html pages.

w3m is standard.

> Without tasksel, base-config will continue to work, but a lot of people
> will find it difficult to use aptitude to install tasks, so we need to
> keep tasksel.

I include it in installer bootstraps.

> procps is necessary for basic system administration tasks, like killing
> runaway processes. Some of psmisc is also rather commonly used, though
> less so.

procps is pulled in as required.

> Users will be suprised not to have wget available, I predict. It's used
> in lots of bare-metal disaster recovery scenarios.


> Yep. I think that these kinds of changes, which effectively change what
> is part of the base debian system, need to be discussed by debian as a
> whole on deban-devel.

The problem is, that there is no other listing of packages than the
debootstrap source. I attach a current list of the installations in
cdebootstrap. (It is _not_ in sync with neither unstable nor my public

Package		Flavour[1]		Comment
apt		any
apt-utils	any			may change to standard, installer
at		standard, installer	broken dependency against mail-transfer-agent
base-config	standard, installer
cron		standard, installer
dhcp3-client	installer
ifupdown	installer
info		standard, installer
iputils-ping	standard, installer
logrotate	standard, installer
manpages	standard, installer
man-db		standard, installer
modconf		standard, installer	package is linux only
nano		standard, installer
netkit-inetd	standard, installer
nvi		standard, installer	do we need that or should nano supperseed it?
sysklogd	standard, installer
tasksel		installer
wget		standard, installer
whiptail	standard, installer	for debconf

aboot		standard
palo		standard
lilo		standard		superseeding with grub pending
elilo		standard
parted		standard, installer
vmelilo		standard
dvhtool		standard
delo		standard
yaboot		standard
s390-tools	standard
silo		standard
alpha, i386, mips, mipsel, sparc:
pciutils	standard, installer
alpha, i386, mips, mipsel:
setserial	standard, installer

[1] currently defined:
 - standard: simple invocation of cdebootstrap
 - installer: debian-installer version
 - minimal: only essential


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