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Re: Countrychooser changes

Christian Perrier wrote:

| User chooses USA as country in countrychooser:
|  debian-installer/locale-->fr_FR@euro 
|  debian-installer/language-->fr_US:fr_FR:fr:en_GB:en
|  debian-installer/country-->US

I would've thought that the locale variable would be decided by the
country selection while the language decision.

BTW do the other non-USA English variants list en_GB before en in the
language variable?  On my machines I use en_AU:en_GB:en, and I can
imagine that New Zealanders and Canadians would want a similar value for
LANGUAGE but with en_NZ and en_CA instead of en_AU.  If I'm reading the
source correctly (tools/launguagechooser/languagelist in CVS) this isn't
the case at the moment - and my examples were bad because there seems to
be no en_NZ or en_CA options at all?!

It would also make sense to have this selection available after the
installation has completed; I believe that dpkg-reconfigure locales
doesn't allow you to set LANGUAGE as well as LANG.


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