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grub stuff, was: MD/Software RAID support


Finn-Arne Johansen writes:
 > On Sat, Jan 24, 2004 at 01:40:33AM +0100, Paul Fleischer wrote:
 > > Hi again,
 > > I have put both the mdcfg and my modified mdadm package (modified to create 
 > > the udeb) up on http://proguy.dk/d-i/ for those who want to try them out. 
 > > Only the source packages are currently available, but I can supply i386 if 
 > > needed.
 > > Currently, the process will fail when trying to configure a kernel for the 
 > > system. The solution is to install mdadm on the target partition, and retry 
 > > the operation. I will look into this shortly.
 > Without having tested your package, Doesn the installation of the
 > kernel fails due to the fact that grub-installer/update-grub doesn't
 > handle Raid partitions ? 

I have found another ``oddity'' while playing installations. I
decided to have a seperate partition

  /dev/hda1  mounted to /boot/grub

yes, /boot/grub and not /boot, and just have the auxiliary files
and menu.lst in there. grub itself was installed into the MBR. 

Now this may seem useless, however, I wish to make the point that

  update-grub (??? The script that runs after kernel installation) 

fails at this point. Something about "cannot find or open
device". Sorry, I currently cannot access the logfiles ATM, but I
can redo this if you wish.

So I unmounted /target/boot/grub, made the installation, and copied the
stuff over. Booting worked after adding a link:

  /boot/grub/grub -> /boot/grub

because otherwise grub does not find the *_stage1_5. (It will search
/boot/grub and /grub but not / on that partition).

Maybe this is the same problem, maybe not.

And along a different line: grub and LVM

AFAIK grub in its current state is not able to boot a kernel from
LVM --- please correct me if I'm wrong. There is a patch present at


It is not clear to which version of grub this patch is made, and
I have not succeeded to make this work. But maybe someone can
help me out on this. Maybe this is being worked on. Maybe this is
solved long ago.

Would it be desirable to have grub boot kernel off lvm volumes? I'd say:
yes. But at least a warning or test should be added to partconf et al. when
LVM is used.

Is this of any help?


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