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MD/Software RAID support

Hi there,

The last couple of days I have been playing around with getting MD support 
into the Debian installer.
Before I spend too much time with, I just want to make sure that noone else is 
working on this.

What I have right now is a mdadm-udeb package and a mdcfg udeb package. The 
latter containing the debconf stuff needed for setup, and the necesarry block 
file for partconf.

I have done a test install, having the /-partition on a software RAID-1 
device. It was almost painless. The only problem i ran into, was that I had 
to install the mdadm package manually before installing the kernel, in order 
for the mkinitrd script to create a proper initrd image. But that's just a 
question of adding mdadm to the default packages to be installed. Is there a 
way to do this "dynamically", depending on wether any MD devices are used?

The current mdcfg package only support RAID-1 devices as of now. I will 
release it to the public if it has any interrest (and after I have done just 
a little bit of cleanup).

Paul Fleischer // ProGuy
<proguy at proguy dot dk>
PGP key fingerprint: 755A 9FB3 F7E4 DB62 8154  C5D6 381B BBCD 7BE1 FF30

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