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Re: goals for next release

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 09:05:19PM -0200, Andre Luis Lopes wrote:
> I for sure would love to use automated d-i installs since I have close
> to 70 machines which are all going to be used for giving students
> training on FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) using Debian.
> I'm really interested in pre-seeding methods used to feed pre-answered
> questions to the debconf database. *That* would be a killer feature,
> believe me.

Well, it works, but it's rather hairy.

I simply did a normal install once, fetched /var/lib/cdebconf/questions.dat,
removed anything irrelevant and added it to the floppy with EXTRAFILES. There
are probably a lot prettier ways of doing that (AFAIK Skolelinux uses a
pre-seeding udeb, for instance), but it works. :-)

Pre-seeding in the second stage also is possible -- one of the alternatives
is of course using an alternative debconf backend (LDAP? WWW?); the other is
hooking into base-config or something (I did this for base-config 1.x, but
haven't been able to do it with base-config 2.x just yet) and doing
debconf-copydb from there. Works fine, or at least used to a few months ago
(sid/sarge changes, and so do the debconf questions :-) ).

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