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Bug#226730: Problem with wireless pcmcia network card and keymap


The translation stuff seems to be fixed, or will be fixed soon. However,
I didn't see much response related to my network and keymap problems.

For the networking: the problem (or a part of the problem at least)
seems to be that during boot (rcS), PCMCIA isn't started.
/etc/network/interfaces however contains "auto eth0" and tries to run
the dhcp client on this interface, before it is possible. The way to do
it (according to the FAQ in the pcmcia-cs package), is to remove the
auto keyword for PCMCIA network interfaces. When PCMCIA starts in
runlevel 2, it will run ifup eth0 and get the network running. I'm not
sure how this fits in the installer boot process but I guess you will
need to handle this distinction between regular and PCMCIA interfaces.
Another thing I noticed:
At the first boot, hardware detection is executed. This causes the
pcmcia and orinoco_cs modules to be loaded. I then get the screen asking
me which network module to use. When I select orinoco_cs there, I get a
red screen telling me there's no network card. I guess this is because
modprobe orinoco_cs fails because the module is already loaded. If I
select none of the above, I don't get an error, but I'm dropped to the
menu where you can choose which installation step to perform. Selecting
the hilighted step makes the install continue fine. The same thing
happens when I use my pcnet_cs card.

The keymap problem: the error I am getting is a bug in console-tools in
testing and unstable. See


Bastiaan Van Eeckhoudt

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