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Re: Installation-reports

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 02:58, Joey Hess wrote:

> That narrows it down to either the end of hw-detect (starting pcmcia?)
> or whatever comes just after. Try booting with DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 (but not
> with DEBCONF_PRIORITY), and switch over to the 4th virtual console
> (alt-f4) right before it's going to hang. After it hangs, copy down the
> last lines of output to that console.

Not quite.
The very moment I leave out the DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low, the menus
disappear once again. With DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 alone, I don't get the Debian
Installer Main Menu, but only the language selection. Then it rushes
through 'till it dies.
If I switch over to tty4 while it rushes to its fast demise, the last
lines are:
user.info main menu[137]: INFO broken dependency netcfg-static to lib6
user.info main menu[137]: INFO broken dependency netcfg-static to

If I use both DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low and DEBCONF_DEBUG=5, and switch over
to tty4 after I have corrected the earlier missing 3c59x-thingy, during
that second red screen (compare my earlier message) with the final
'Continue' to make it die immediately thereafter, I get (typos

user-debug frontend: Adding [MISSING MODULES LIST] -> [ide-mod (Linux
IDE driver), ide-probe-mod (Linux IDE probe driver); ide-floppy (Linux
IDE floppy driver)]
user-debug frontend: <-- 0
user-debug frontend: --> INPUT low-hw-detection/missing modules
user-debug frontend: <-- 0 questions will be asked
user-debug frontend: --> GO

Here it stops. I can press enter and simply get the new, empty line.
I must switch back to tty0 (red screen) and press enter ('Continue') for
its immediate freeze to death.

Needless to say, I tried nopcmcia on good luck, but it doesn't make any


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