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Re: Installation-reports

Uwe Dippel wrote:
> Okay, funnily enough, I get more menus. For example keyboard and then
> keyboard layout. Never get these without the two parameters. Only the
> general language selection.
> Now back to the specific problem:
> I follow the selection of steps to do (also this one unavailable without
> the two parameters as given) from top to bottom (like conventionally).
> At a certain moment after / at the end / of loading the components of
> the debian-installer, this horrible red screen shows up telling me that 
> 3c59x, ide-mod, ide-probe-mod and ide-floppy are missing.
> Only way out: 'Continue'
> Then, however, the 3c59x is detected and installed successfully.
> Immediately thereafter, the red screen comes up again and informs me
> that ide-mod, ide-probe-mod and ide-floppy are missing. Only way out:
> 'Continue' freezes the whole lot forever immediately after pressing
> 'Enter'. No visible action but red turning into BSOD. Without those
> numbers, of cause ... ... but a white, single lower line; dead cursor
> left sided.
> What's next ?

That narrows it down to either the end of hw-detect (starting pcmcia?)
or whatever comes just after. Try booting with DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 (but not
with DEBCONF_PRIORITY), and switch over to the 4th virtual console
(alt-f4) right before it's going to hang. After it hangs, copy down the
last lines of output to that console.

see shy jo

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