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Re: cd-images with custom kernels

On 20/11/03 16:30, Joey Hess wrote:
> > I've now successfully built a kernel-image .deb with a patched 2.4.22 kernel
> > source, which should support the 3C940. Is there a howto or some other
> > documentation on building d-i cdrom images with a custom kernel and modules?
> > I tried to decipher the documentation on d-i CVS, but must have missed the
> > necessary information, if it was there in the first place.
> We're not at the point of having a HOWTO for this yet. What you need to
> look at is the linux-kernel-di package (kernel/linux-kernel-di in CVS),
> whose README describes how to make it generate udebs from a kernel-image
> .deb. Then you'll want to look at the debian-installer source package
> (AKA the build/ directory in CVS), whose README describes how to put
> udebs in localudebs, and how to build it. You'll probably have to edit
> something in its config/ directory to make it use your new kernel
> version.

Thanks for the reply,
I actually got this far, I built the kernel udebs and put them into
localdebs, the D-I build ("make image") also finished successfully and
produced an iso image to build/dest.

But, this image is only about 5 MB in size and doesn't contain the driver
image files (e.g. net_drivers-image.img), only the cdrom-image, initrd and
the kernel. Any idea on how to make the additional drivers?

Next I took a look on the debian-cd scripts, but found that they'd need a
writable mirror of the Debian archive. This was a bit discouraging :) Maybe
I could copy the contents of the Beta 1 cdrom and replace the driver images
with the ones I've made myself, assuming I can actually make them?

Best wishes,


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