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cd-images with custom kernels

Hi all,

I'd like to test debian-installer on a brand new PC with an ASUS A7V600
motherboard. This motherboard contains a 3Com 3C940 ethernet controller,
which is not supported even in the mainstream stable kernels and thus my
attempt at installing sarge with the Beta 1 debian-installer images
(netinstall) stalled on the network device detection.

I've now successfully built a kernel-image .deb with a patched 2.4.22 kernel
source, which should support the 3C940. Is there a howto or some other
documentation on building d-i cdrom images with a custom kernel and modules?
I tried to decipher the documentation on d-i CVS, but must have missed the
necessary information, if it was there in the first place.

Thanks and best wishes,


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