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Re: Slow redraws in the debootstrap stage

Quoting Matt Kraai (kraai@ftbfs.org):

> No, it grows and shrinks.  I had a patch to make it only get
> bigger, but I thought the consensus was that it was the wrong
> approach.  If I misunderstood, please let me know and I'll commit
> it.

Well, for a user point of view, this *is* the solution.

What *I* call flashing box effect is the grow/shrink effect of
progress bars when , for instance, d-i modules are fetched then
loaded. The box flashes as it always adapts to 1-line/2-line
text...depending on the string length.

If your patch freeezes the dialog box size when it grows up to, say, 2
lines, and then forbids it to shrink down when 1 line is enough, then
your patch does the work.

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