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Re: netinst image not detecting sym53c8xx

Le 2003-11-06 12:11 (jeudi), Joey Hess a écrit / 
On 2003-11-06 12:11 (jeudi), Joey Hess wrote :
> There are too many scsi controllers, and the modules are too big to fit
> on the CD initrd, which is limited to 2.88 mb.
> Actually, we could use a larger initrd, since the first CD boots using
> isolinux. But this would require still producing different smaller CD
> initrds for the other CDs, which boot in the old, safe way.
> Maybe it's worth the bother, maybe it's not.

Thank you for this explanation

> > Maybe updating the Installation Howto would benefit others ?
> > http://cvs.debian.org/debian-installer/doc/INSTALLATION-HOWTO?rev=HEAD
> Done.

Great, so I'll try again and post when done

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