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netinst image not detecting sym53c8xx

Hi, there!

Sorry if this is a known problem - I have searched and haven't
found any report about this.

Two days ago, I downloaded Debian Netinst (large version) and 
tried to install the system using it.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm using a Smy53c8xx SCSI 
controller which usually works well with linux and also 
with Debian kernels. 
However, using the Netinst CD-ROM it was not detected and 
I didn't find a module for it.

If this is an issue and you have questions, feel free to contact
me via personal mail (I'm not a list subscriber).
(Otherwise just ignore the message, I installed Debian via 
floppy afterwards.)

Thank you for giving your time to such a great project.


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