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Re: netinst image not detecting sym53c8xx

M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> Could you give more information on the loading of "external" modules
> please ? Why and how should it be done ?

After it fails to find your scsi cdrom, you will see the main-menu, and
you should ask it to load installer modules, and pick the floppy option,
and load the scsi_drivers floppy disk.

> I'm following this list for some weeks now, and I couldn't remember
> having read anything related, but I don't understand everything that's
> beeing said on the list though.
> Why SCSI drivers, and I guess some others, are not "included" in the
> netinst iso ? Is it a temporary situation ?

There are too many scsi controllers, and the modules are too big to fit
on the CD initrd, which is limited to 2.88 mb.

Actually, we could use a larger initrd, since the first CD boots using
isolinux. But this would require still producing different smaller CD
initrds for the other CDs, which boot in the old, safe way.

Maybe it's worth the bother, maybe it's not.

> Maybe updating the Installation Howto would benefit others ?
> http://cvs.debian.org/debian-installer/doc/INSTALLATION-HOWTO?rev=HEAD


see shy jo

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