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Bug#219344: kbd-chooser segfaults after usb-keyboard selection

Package: kbd-chooser
Version: 0.29
Tags: d-i

When testing the latest daily image (11/04/2003, arch: i386) after language
selection I get to the main-menu. Then I choose kbd-chooser and it presents me
a list of usb-keyboards, but I only have an at keyboard. I select one and get
back to main-menu with kbd-chooser still the default. i run it again and first
choose at-keyboard and then the swiss german layout. This time it suceeds.

Looking at the syslog I notice that kdb-chooser tries to automatically choose
the swiss german USB layout and segfaults, then main-menu is displayed and
kdb-chooser segfaults again, then when the debconf priority is low enough to
show the usb/at question it suceeds with an at keyboard.

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