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Bug#218598: partconf and partitioner use varying ways of describing the same disks


* Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2003-11-01 02:49]:
| partitioner refers to disks using their devfs device names and a bit of
| info about the drive manufacturer and size), while partconf uses a
| physical description such as "IDE1 master, part. 1". It would be good
| design to use the same terminology throughout. 
| I suspect that partconf's method would be more accessible to the avarage
| user, but perhaps more likely to break down with weird and unusual types
| of drives. partitioner's method can be very effective too -- when I see
| a SCSI device called "jumpdrive" and see the same term on the side of my
| USB keychain, I know what drive that is. Most effective might be a
| display that combines all of these:
|    IDE1 master (Generic foo), 256 MB
|    IDE1 master (Generic foo), partition 1, 256 MB
| If a standalone program were broken out of parts of the two packages to
| map between devfs devices and human readable strings, then it could
| possibly be used elsewhere in the installer too. For example, my
| iso-scan package displays raw devfs device names to the user right now.
| (BTW, the "part." abbreviation in partconf seems rather unnecessary.
| Writing out "partition" should easily fit in the available space. Or at
| least don't abbreviate it when it will fit.)

Long time ago, I have propsed to include a device2name mapper function
in libd-i, which handle such things. It takes a list of device names,
and format it to a good name. The benefit of this solution is, that each
program, which needs to display devices can use this function. And all
harddrive descriptions are the same. I think it's time to start
including this.

Some words about the nameing schema. Personally I don't like the way of
partconf. Because mostly I simply doesn't now the correct device path,
but most of the time I know the manufacturer and the size of the disk.


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