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Bug#218598: partconf and partitioner use varying ways of describing the same disks

Thorsten Sauter wrote:
> Long time ago, I have propsed to include a device2name mapper function
> in libd-i, which handle such things. It takes a list of device names,
> and format it to a good name. The benefit of this solution is, that each
> program, which needs to display devices can use this function. And all
> harddrive descriptions are the same. I think it's time to start
> including this.

I agree, although I really prefer standalone programs for this kind of
thing (easier to understand, possible to call from shell script, does
not bloat the floppy image).

> Some words about the nameing schema. Personally I don't like the way of
> partconf. Because mostly I simply doesn't now the correct device path,
> but most of the time I know the manufacturer and the size of the disk.

Conversely, I cannot keep up with the manufacturer names of most of my
hardware, but often do know that I want to install to the IDE slave
disk. I think combining all the information would be best.

see shy jo

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