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Bug#218598: partconf and partitioner use varying ways of describing the same disks

Package: partconf, partitioner
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i

partitioner refers to disks using their devfs device names and a bit of
info about the drive manufacturer and size), while partconf uses a
physical description such as "IDE1 master, part. 1". It would be good
design to use the same terminology throughout. 

I suspect that partconf's method would be more accessible to the avarage
user, but perhaps more likely to break down with weird and unusual types
of drives. partitioner's method can be very effective too -- when I see
a SCSI device called "jumpdrive" and see the same term on the side of my
USB keychain, I know what drive that is. Most effective might be a
display that combines all of these:

   IDE1 master (Generic foo), 256 MB
   IDE1 master (Generic foo), partition 1, 256 MB

If a standalone program were broken out of parts of the two packages to
map between devfs devices and human readable strings, then it could
possibly be used elsewhere in the installer too. For example, my
iso-scan package displays raw devfs device names to the user right now.

(BTW, the "part." abbreviation in partconf seems rather unnecessary.
Writing out "partition" should easily fit in the available space. Or at
least don't abbreviate it when it will fit.)

see shy jo

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