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Re: debian-installer package payload format

Geert Stappers wrote:
> When using 'main/debian-installer' instead of 'main' as the place 
> for the Packages file, the "useless .deb" go only in
>  dists/${RELEASE}/main/debian-installer/binary-arch/Packages
> and not in the regular
>  dists/${RELEASE}/main/binary-arch/Packages list.

Great, then we would have to make anna not retreive them. This does not
sound like a good idea.

> AFAICT this is minimun impact on the autobuilder,
> they can keep building and uploading  .deb.
> There is no surgery on building and uploading .tar.gz,

It's trivial to include a .tar.gz in an upload. 2 lines in debian/rules,
the autobuilders don't care.

see shy jo

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