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Re: debian-installer package payload format

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> 1. Just include all the boot images in a .deb, as Allastair's original
>    build/debian does, and assume the ftp-masters will somehow deal with
>    unpacking that, and that it will not produce problems/confusion to
>    have this useless .deb in the Packages lists.
> 2. Include a tarball, which will require "byhand" processing. With the
>    tarball we can include our own directory layout, and then the
>    ftp-master can just untar this into a directory for the build date,
>    update the current symlink, and be done.
> I favor the second option, which is similar to how I remember the boot
> floppies doing it at one time.

If my vote counts for anything, please do the second not the first.


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