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debian-installer package payload format

Assuming that we do get an autobuildable debian-installer source package
into the archive that can generate install images, we still seem to have
no plan for what form of binaries it would produce, aside from the
requisite .deb or .udeb. Since we have not had much feedback from the
ftp masters on this, I suggest we just do the best we can to find a
format they can work with with minimal effort, and that they can
automate if it gets to be too much work, and then punt on the rest of
the problem.

There only seem to be two choices that do not need immediate changes on
the ftp-master side:

1. Just include all the boot images in a .deb, as Allastair's original
   build/debian does, and assume the ftp-masters will somehow deal with
   unpacking that, and that it will not produce problems/confusion to
   have this useless .deb in the Packages lists.
2. Include a tarball, which will require "byhand" processing. With the
   tarball we can include our own directory layout, and then the
   ftp-master can just untar this into a directory for the build date,
   update the current symlink, and be done.

I favor the second option, which is similar to how I remember the boot
floppies doing it at one time. It should be possible for the ftp-masters
to automate it if they need to. The downside is that before they
automate it, each new upload of the images will be delayed pending
manual processing. Daily uploads might be too much with this scheme,
especially if they end up being batched into only one or two processing
runs per week. We would still get the benfit of autobuilders, logs, and
would be able to grab autobuilt images from Incoming.

see shy jo

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