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Re: Install report

Fraser Campbell wrote:
> On Thursday 16 October 2003 01:01, Fraser Campbell wrote:
> > I chose to configure the network using DHCP.  This left me at a screen
> > where my only choice was
> What I meant to say was that after configuring using DHCP I had a screen where 
> the only option was continue, it didn't tell me things had been successfully 
> configured (IIRC) and it definitely didn't show any of the DHCP settings that 
> were being used.  A little additional feedback here would be *very* useful.

What was the information on the screen then? You should have gotten
a dhcp confirmation dialog with yes/no and all te details about the

> > When first trying to partition harddrive nothing seemed to be happening, 
> > pressing enter moved the screen up a line but didn't wake anything up. 
> > After 2-3 minutes I pressed CTRL-C.  I had done the full hardware detection
> > prior ...
> This happened every time (2 or 3 installs).  First try no disk appears to be 
> available for partitioning, second try everything is fine ... despite not 
> having done any extra detection (or *anything* else) between attempts.

Weird. The syslog might turn up some clies about what is going on here.

see shy jo

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