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Re: Integrating the debian-installer into the archive

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 08:10:00PM +0200, Sebastian Ley wrote:
> > If it is possible, that's cool. Either way, you'll need to work out how
> > to automate the builds yourselves, and tell everyone else.
> Oh, I did not post this message to push all the work to the ftpmasters.
> We merely wanted some hints which solution will be approved by the
> ftpmasters. 

Strictly, the only thing that the ftpmasters are worried about is the
layout of the archive, and that's not really very tricky. But we'll
just assume you were uing the ftpmaster address to contact the buildd

> It doesn't make sense to do the work just to find out that
> the ftpmasters don't like the solutions (perhaps for good reasons we did
> not thing about).

I'm sure there'll be some problems with whatever you propose (there's
always problems with everything I propose anyway), but they're rarely
that big. And there's now way of working out exactly what they are until
you make the proposal...

Basically, start by just doing everything yourselves, then work out
(a) what bits you end up building that need to be put on the ftp site,
and (b) what scripts you have that can conceivably be run a little bit
more automatically.

(If you're already at that point, just start talking specifics)


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