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New per subarch 2.4.22 powerpc kernels, please test.


I am searching for testers for the new 2.4.22-2 serie of kernel packages
before uploading them to the archive, and potentially breaking lot of

They can be found at :


And i would like for two kind of tests :

  1) please people using the different subarches, install the
  kernel-images, and try booting them. Carefull, they are no more called
  vmlinux-2.4.22-powerpc, but vmlinu[xz]-2.4.22-powerpc-(pmac|chrp|chrp-rs6k|prep).

  2) If these could be used to build a set of powerpc debian-installer
  images that people could test on the different subarches, it would be
  real nice.

Remaining problems :

  1) Each kernel image still has a 8Mo or such copy of the modules. I
  wanted to separate them, but Manoj tells me this is not possible so
  near the sarge release, since it requires modifications of kernel-package,
  so it will be for later.

  2) I am not sure about the miboot kernel image, there is a
  miboot.image in arch/ppc/boot/images, but i am being told that just
  gziping the standard vmlinux would do also.

  3) There may be circular dependency problems in building the
  debian-installer on arches that need the initrd built-in the kernel.
  Not sure if debian-installer can be built before the kernel is.

Anyway, please test and give feedback, before i upload, so we can have
all these powerpc subarches supported by debian-installer and debian as
of the sarge release.


Sven Luther

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