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Re: travel to oldenburg, and the event itself

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 11:15:49PM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> this is an attempt to supply some more information about the
> oldenburg linux developers meeting and the d-i event.
> i did not talk to joey, he is busy. but i talked to people who
> were there allready and most of the following info is from them.
> it is not the most reliabel, though. handle with care!
> the events starts on friday, but one can show up and use the
> rooms allready on thurday evening. it usually ends on sunday
> noon/afternoon. (plan to leave the uni around 13.00?)
> untill now there were two seminar rooms at the oldenburger uni,
> one for hacking one for sleeping. you should bring your own
> box/notebook. there are computer pools nearby, but it is
> doubtfull that you get a login or even permisson to test d-i on
> one of those boxes. 
> breakfast will be provided, for lunch there is the cafeteria of
> the uni (which is one of the three best in germany!), which is
> open at least on friday, most likely on saturday.
> if you come by plane, there are three airports that you might
> want to use: hamburg, bremen, and from the UK with ryanair:
> groningen. transportation from groningen takes three hours, which
> is longer then 1.5h from hamburg, even if it is only a fraction
> of the distance. 
> joey did pick up people at bremen airport in the past, and it can
> be expected that he does so this year, too. of cause it makes
> sense to coordinate travels so that he can pick up several people
> at once. you could make arrangements to arrive at bremen
> international airport around 16.00, perhaps.
> an other option is to use the train from bremen or hamburg to
> oldenburg. but there you should probably try to be picked up by
> joey (or someone else, there is an active lug there) 
> websites to use for train tavel is www.bahn.de. you can book
> tickets there, if you want and make reservations. 
> Oldenburg is a beautifull town, and i recommend the cafeteria.
> there are lovly pubs and restaurants where you can eat and drink
> close by (from the uni). the whole event was not geared towards
> international attendance up untill now (which explains the sparse
> website). but those who were there describe it as "really relaxed
> and cool, not so organized". 

So far the reminder.
I miss the fact that the "d-i people" are guest on a Linux porters party,
but I think we will mix well with the "beyond Intel people".

> please contact me if you need more info, i try to collect the
> questions and answers.

About the network infrastructure:

May I run a DHCP server on the network?
The DHCPD should tell which image to transfer by tftp.

See you

Geert Stappers

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