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Re: travel to oldenburg, and the event itself

You should probably copy such mails to me so I don't miss them.

Geert Stappers wrote:
> So far the reminder.
> I miss the fact that the "d-i people" are guest on a Linux porters party,
> but I think we will mix well with the "beyond Intel people".

Well, formalia...

However, you are quite right.  I guess nobody did emphasise this
before.  This developers meeting has a long tradition of similar
meetings.  In 1995 the first m68k developers meeting was held in
Solingen, organised by Thorsten Floeck.

>From 1996 it was organised in Oldenburg and m68k people and hosts
penetrated the meeting.  A couple of years later, after the m68k port
of Linux became quite stable and usable, developers hungered for a new
challenge.  Hence, new architectures were brought to the meetings,
like alpha, sparc, powerpc, arm.

Therefore, the meeting is a non-ia32 porting meeting these days.  I
guess, it is also the major mips hacking event since about all German
developers are there and two from Poland as well this year at least.

So yes, the d-i camp is "only" a guest at this meeting, but as long as
the infrastructure is sufficient, I'm happy to be able to host it.

However, we can't use a single room for working anymore.  It was quite
full last year already and there were "only" 22 developers.  Hence,
I've reserved the room we used to use for sleeping as second room for
the debian-installer work camp.

> May I run a DHCP server on the network?

Yes, however, there should only be a maximum at _one_ DHCP servers
that answer to random requests.  If you limit your DHCP server to only
a couple of addresses, it should be no problem.

> The DHCPD should tell which image to transfer by tftp.

I guess, several people will run a bootpd, bootparamd, and tftpd.

Out of curiosity, do you consider yourself as Linux hacker or d-i
hacker this time?



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