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Re: travel to oldenburg, and the event itself

* Geert Stappers (stappers@stappers.nl) [030922 10:46]:
> On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 11:15:49PM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> So far the reminder.
> I miss the fact that the "d-i people" are guest on a Linux porters party,
> but I think we will mix well with the "beyond Intel people".

uh, yes. i somehow thought that that was common knowledge.

> > please contact me if you need more info, i try to collect the
> > questions and answers.
> > 
> About the network infrastructure:
> May I run a DHCP server on the network?
> The DHCPD should tell which image to transfer by tftp.

in the dhcpd implementation i use one can configure it to answer
to certain mac addresses only. If you want to avoid to annoy
others and are unfamiliar with the setup of dhcpd, i will be able
to help you.

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