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Re: Woody can't find Adaptec 39320 SCSI card...

listreader@angmar.jguru.se writes:

> Hello guys,
> I have recently bought a fine server running 3 raid disks on an Adaptec
> 39320D SCSI card. This card is supported by the Linux aic79xx driver
> (the old one aic7xxx does not work).
> Thus, I need to compile a boot kernel and rdev it into a set of bf24
> boot floppies. 
> HOWEVER, this requires that you have at least ONE Debian machine already
> running bf24 to have a sufficiently similar kernel compilation
> environment. I do not.

You can compile the linux kernel and modules on any linux system with
sufficiently new toolchain (see kernel-source/Doc*/Changes). Some
people even crosscompiled their kernel from other unix systems,
AmigaOS, MacOS or even Windows (althgough thats not for the faint of

Also don't you have some onboard ide contrroler and a spare ide disk
for an hour? Just install debian there, compile your kernel and
eigther move the system over to scsi or reinstall with that kernel.

Or a cdrom drive on another controler? Boot a Knoppix CD and compile
your kernel there. Maybe knoppix even has support for your card so you
can run debootstrap inside Knoppix to install Debian.

The Posibilities are endless.


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