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Bug#191636: fix to this bug.

#include <hallo.h>
* Alastair McKinstry [Sun, Jul 27 2003, 02:26:46PM]:
> As the maintainer of whiptail, I was not aware of this bug, which was
> filed against modconf. In the current newt package, whiptail and
> whiptail-utf8 were merged; modconf seems to work fine for me now.
> (There are some minor graphical issues in utf-8 mode, due to an error in
> slang,  for which a patch as been submitted; see eg. 195010).
> Could you please retest modconf against the latest whiptail, 0.51.4-8;
> and if either confirm the bug or close it?

Still broken. With LANG=de_DE.UTF-8, semi-graphical chars are not displayed correctly, example attached.

> Incidentally, there appear to be a large number of bugs filed against
> slang / slang-utf8 that I believe to be fixed by recent uploads. I may
> help go through those and close some.

The bug report that Junichi requested is:


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