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Bug#191636: fix to this bug.

#include <hallo.h>
* Junichi Uekawa [Sun, Jul 27 2003, 08:15:22AM]:
> tags 191636 + patch
> thanks
> Hi,
> whiptail-utf8 has now become 'whiptail', and so modconf can
> just conflict with older versions of whiptail
> Conflicts: whiptail (<< 0.51.4-1)

I am not sure, current whiptail looks completely broken, in UTF-8 mode
as well as with non-UTF-8 locales. If the maintainer does not even
manage to reply to my bug report, I guess we will have to go back and
fork a working whiptail-utf8 again.

Just my 0.02€, still hadn't time to get a close look on the problem.

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	überrascht sein

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