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[Fwd: Re: reiser support in debian-installer]

Umka and Green, do this, and send it to them.


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On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 15:00, Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader
> I talked to Hans Reiser at LinuxTag and he was very interested in
> seeing proper reiserfs support integrated in debian-installer.  I
> briefly talked to Alastair McKinstry at debconf about this but he
> wasn't aware of much work that has been done on this yet.  He said the
> first step would be to generate some udebs.  I'm CCing some people who
> have been working on reiserfs support in Debian, perhaps you are
> interested in looking into this?
> BTW, Hans has offered technical assistance if we need any.  In
> addition to reiserfs support when installing he'd also like to see
> reiserfs support in a rescue CD so you can repair a corrupted FS.
As described by Martin Sjogren at debcamp, the following is needed:
(1) a reiserfs kernel module, in its own udeb. Submit a patch to 
Herbert Xu to do this; its straightforward, as the module udebs are just
repackaged from the current kernel ; examples in the package.

(2) A reiserfsprogs udeb, (built from the reiserfsprogs package, I
presume) that provides /sbin/mkfs.reiserfs. (I know that the reiserfs
version is actually called mkreiserfs, but the name is important)
This shoulde then depend on (1).

Once these exist, the existing fs creation code will spot the reiserfs
option and add it to the list. Simple.

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> Martin Michlmayr
Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@computer.org>
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