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Re: Please make discover2 udebs available for testing

tis 2003-06-24 klockan 08.49 skrev Jeff Licquia:
> > >  - I have written a reduction script for discover 2 data, and have
> > > begun testing it.  As far as I can tell, it works.  But I haven't
> > > yet integrated the script into debian/rules so it's used to generate
> > > the udeb.
> This integration work is now done.

There are still, however, lots of entries that say
  <data class='name'>ignore</data>
Can't these be stripped out too?

Also, the .lst files are not interesting in the udeb.

> you'll do this with didiscover:
>   /usr/bin/didiscover --data-path=linux/module/name --data-vendor --data-model \
>     --format="%s:%s %s" network

I tested this, and it seems to work fine.

> Please give this a try and let me know if it works for you.  (Backslash
> handling, such as "\t", doesn't seem to be there in either discover or
> didiscover, but it should be fairly straightforward to add if
> necessary.)  If the name is troubling to you, we can kill off the copy
> of discover in the udeb and make "didiscover" the discover there.

What concerns me more is that there are two binaries in the udeb. One of
them has to go, and since didiscover does what we want, drop discover.

Martin Sjögren
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