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Re: Please make discover2 udebs available for testing

[Jeff Licquia]
> So, to do the equivalent of this discover 1 command line:
>   /sbin/discover --format="%m:%V %M\n" ethernet
> you'll do this with didiscover:
>   /usr/bin/didiscover --data-path=linux/module/name --data-vendor --data-model \
>     --format="%s:%s %s" network

This shounds like it could work.  I'll test it when I get back from
the Quart festival.  At the moment, I am too busy trying to finish a
project at work to look at d-i and discover at the moment, but will
return 2003-07-07.  I hope to get some time testing this before
debcamp start.

I asked on #debian-boot if someone could find time to test it now.  We
will just have to wait and see if someone take the bait. :)

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