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Re: Please make discover2 udebs available for testing

[Jeff Licquia]
> I've stashed discover 2.0.2- and discover-data 2.2003.02.05-2
> packages in http://hackers.progeny.com/~licquia/discover/.  Again,
> please don't upload these or otherwise give them "official" status.

I'm trying to test these now.  I'll let you know about my progress.

> - Reduction of the discover 2 data.  What kinds of data would you
> want included or excluded?

First of all, only information on hardware with known 2.4 module
information should be included.  Next, every ethernet-, ide-, cdrom-
and SCSI-related entry should be included.  See
<URL:http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=187110> to find
out how I want the old discover-data-udeb to behave.  I want entries
for everything except the group sound, tvcard and video.

I noticed the size of the complete discover-data-udeb is ~76k.  The
old version is ~10k.

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