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Re: Please make discover2 udebs available for testing

[Jeff Licquia]
> Sure.  Write all the code for me. :-)

I'll see what I can do.  But I suspect it will take me longer to find
my way around the code then it will for you do to the work.

> Seriously, I have been working on two things:
>  - I have written a reduction script for discover 2 data, and have
> begun testing it.  As far as I can tell, it works.  But I haven't
> yet integrated the script into debian/rules so it's used to generate
> the udeb.

OK.  This sounds good for the next iteration.

>  - I have been working on removing the curl dependency.  I have code
> written that reads file: URIs directly instead of using curl, and
> I've written it to use zlib if possible.  But I haven't tested
> compiling it yet.

This too.

Right now I am just desperate after getting a package that works.
This means a way to get the required information out of discover, and
I suspect the best way is to get the needed functionality into the
--format argument.  I never got any replies on this problem.  Is it
possible to get the name of the card out of discover using the
--format argument?

Using short lists, or dropping a library dependency do not help if the
program itself is useless.  And at the moment, with a busybox missing
the paste tool, it do not work at all.

I want the equivalent for this command line for discover1:

  /sbin/discover --format="%m\t%V %M\n" 

This make it easy to handle the result using a shell script.  There is
also the bug in discover printing empty entries with a newline.

> If you have time and energy to assist with these two tasks, or any
> others you can identify, I'd appreciate it.

Where can I fetch the current CVS version of discover2?

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