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Re: Suggestions needed for gtk frontend for cdebconf

* Bernhard R. Link wrote:

> Does this means executing a shell in a gtk-frontend will need
> another udeb than getting a shell in a text-frontend?

I would like to have a terminal widget accessible all the time for the
gtk frontend. E.g. a gtk notebook with three entries: the main dialog
window, a shell and the error output.

> And the same if I wanted some other interactive program (like cfdisk
> or anything other thinkable, that may not easily be replaced with a
> bunch of debconf-questions)?

If I have a terminal widget I can display anything I want inside. But
for the future I would like to enhance the gtk frontend to provide
some mechanism for specialized operations. This will be a togh task
and there will be a lot of thinking, because you are right: debconf as
is, is too weak for some tasks.


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