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Re: Suggestions needed for gtk frontend for cdebconf

* Sebastian Ley <sebastian.ley@mmweg.rwth-aachen.de> [030610 14:19]:
> - Bring up a shell
> - Provide the user with an error log
> libdirectfb does not support vt switching, so I searched for a possibility
> to use a graphical terminal. There are terminal widgets for gtk (vte, zvt)
> but they require the X target of gtk, so they will only work with an X
> server.

What is the current way to get some program (like a shell) working? Is
it still the menu-items responsibility (like it was when I last looked
quite some time ago) or was the debconf-protocol extended to allow the
frontend to take the needed steps or was it even implemented an other

> To display the log output in a gtk window, I came to the conclusion that I
> needed threads. If control goes to some udeb postinst which produces an
> error, the frontend code must be in control to actually display it
> (gtkmain).

Does it really need multi-threading or would multi-tasking be enough?

> However, I could use the gtk terminal widgets here. But also here I would
> need threads, which, when introduced leaded to #192925. There are opinions
> that this error is related to xlibs or glibc.

Why does the gtk terminal widget needs threads? Is this some limitation
in the widget or is it more immanently needed?

	Bernhard R. Link
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