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Re: monitorless intall - a newbie question

>  On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 07:52:37PM +0100, Ken Gilmour wrote:
>  Replying to the message sent by R.Stepanyan  on 04 Jun 2003 20:06:48
>  +0200, received at 19:51:09 on 04/06/2003. R.Stepanyan wrote:
   >Hi all,
   >I would like to ask for any information regarding an installation of
   >Debian on a monitorless PC. The idea is to use a box without
   >videocard and monitor, but with HDD and 2 network cards as a
   >"server" for a small home network (basically - I do not have place
   >and money to by videocard and monitor, but do have a laptop with
   >debian on it). My idea was to boot the monitorless box from a
   >floppy/CD in such a way, that 1. eth0 (for internal network) gets
   >configured from init script 2. sshd/telned starts up from init
   >script 3. make telnet/ssh from my laptop and configure it further,
   >which includes all procedures, starting from fdisk, installind
   >Debian, and ending with config of the eth1 for the external network.
   >So, the question is: are there any ready images available for this
   >kind of tasks. HOWTO's or just a piece of advice are also wellcome.
   >I am not quite sure that this question corresponds to the subjects
   >discussed in this list. So, my excusses if it is an off-topic.
   >Thank you in advance
>  maybe you could set it up on two PCs with exactly the same images and
>  select the items at the right time... Bit if anything goes wrong with the
>  monitorless one it will mess you up big time..
>  I have cc'd debian-boot@lists.debian.org on this

You can do a serial install, mentioned in the install manual section 5.1. 
Hook up your other computer to the serial port, and start a terminal program
like ZTerm there. Then boot with a floppy. The kernel will usually detect
the serial terminal and respond there; if not add console=ttyS0 and possibly
the baud rate to your boot arguments. 

BTW, when sending to debian lists ALWAYS send in plain text.

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